Time has caught up with me.  My vision has been deteriorating over the last few years and now I struggle to type a short post.   But that is not the only reason that this is my last post.

When Barack Obama won the last Presidential election I rejoiced that western democracy had a saviour.  However, partisan government killed that hope, and since then I have been clinging to one faint hope after another.  Now I have all but given up hoping.

You may recall I claim to see the future.  It looks bleak for western democracy.  The physical and economic ravages of the pandemic will overcome most western nations, aided by sabotage by China and Russia.  Thanks to the reticence of the Morrison government even Australia, which might have been spared, will flounder like a life-boat in stormy seas for decades and then succumb.  The Covid 19 virus will not be overcome by futile attempts at vaccination and quarantine.

We have all done too little too late.  I am just thankful I am in my latter years and most likely won’t be around to see the dismal end of our freedom.   All this barring some miracle, which, frankly, we do not deserve.  If there is to be any kind of miracle, perhaps it will be that China and Russia will be as crushed by the ravages of Climate Change and the Pandemic as the rest of the world, and will not have the strength to dominate us in the future.

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