Plugging for hydro-energy is about the only sensible thing the Morrison Government has done.  It has let us down on industry and work conditions, on nation-building, on quarantine, on vaccine for Covid 19, on repatriation of Australians during the pandemic, on care of the aged and disabled, on care of our Armed Forces’ veterans, and particularly on care of our disadvantaged Australian Aborigines.

It is also being damned foolish in its attitude to China.  The Australian Federal Government should give incentives to mining companies, entrepreneurs and farmers to trade with other nations than China, and incentives to build up Australian secondary industry rather than having us depend largely on China for manufactured goods.  Then we would have no cause to get into a ‘cold war’ with China.   China is probably laughing up its sleeve at our stupidity in selling all our iron ore to it, when we could be using large amounts so fit for our own infrastructure and industry.

We also need to develop our own shale oil deposits.

We need to develop the regions for our own sake and for general defence, but there is no call to tactlessly and stupidly rant about ‘drums of war’. Morrison’s side-kicks are big-noting us just as the United States big-notes itself, and it is ludicrous for a nation of our size to do so.  Morrison should rein his off-siders in if he does not agree with their nonsensical sabre rattling.

Taiwan and Hong Kong are none of our business.  The Australian people would resent it if China had words to say about our present dispute with Norfolk Island in its agitation for independence.

We need to follow China’s example and become more unified instead of allowing the States to have such a huge say in so many matters that would be better under the auspices of the Federal Government.

We need to develop federal quarantine stations with their accompanying accessories, and these could most efficiently be military bases, but to have them as strategically military is missing the point.

We need to hold out the hand of friendship to China, stop judging it over its attitude to Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Uigars, and look instead to our own treatment of our First Australians, whom Morrison studiously ignores.

We need to strengthen the moral structure of our society by shoring up the family, instead of merely attacking males and thereby weaking the fabric of society even more.  We need not waste too much time on those men who have already fallen by the wayside and shown physical violence to women or children.  DVOs are useless.  If a serious and provable complaint is made the accused should be banished to a town or region far removed from his victim-partner, and supervised to make sure he stays there.  The victim should then be supported with housing, work and social support, making sure children have a substantial male role model as well as a mother.

We should primarily get on with making sure young families are supported so that young boys grow up with decent, strong male role models. We should outlaw single parent-hood by design with financial strictures and even perhaps by legally ensuring that at least two adults are involved in the upbringing of every child, and that preferably all children have at least one male and one female role model.  This needs to be done as a matter of urgency now.   Decay is rapidly occurring, as can be seen in the numbers of domestic violence and sexual offences in Australia, the result of a lack of male role models in children’s lives.

A child’s upbringing begins in the cradle.  We no longer have cradles, which is a loss for society.   My early years of slumber were often spent being rocked to sleep in the security of my grandmother’s arms in a rocking chair. That basis has stood me in good stead through many traumatic events.



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