I have deliberately avoided discussing matters concerning the pandemic to date.  It is such a contentious issue in Australia, with the State Premiers at each others’ throats, and the Prime Minister avoiding responsibility.  I had hoped they would thrash out their differences, but now I find I should intervene in international policy.

It is actually not international; it is domestic.  The Powers –That-Be have been in all seriousness halting repatriation of Australians from India.   We cannot have that.

If Federal Government had, as I suggested way back, instituted quarantine stations in the regions, setting up camps and hospitals, – military, if necessary – to take the burden off hotel quarantine stations in CBDs, some of which are inefficient, we  would be ready for an influx of desperate Australians repatriating from India or any other nation in need.  There would be no reason why we could not do an air-lift and repatriate the whole 8,000 Australians now in India en masse, taking them to safe isolation in the Centre.

However, there is no point in berating people over what should have been.   We have to deal with what is.  We need to establish quarantine stations in the Centre immediately, without fiddle-faddle.  Hospitals for Covid 19 patients can rapidly be set up, and on the flat terrain of the Centre it is a simple matter to construct runways for aircraft.  Water can be obtained from bores and at present western rivers are running.  Instead of tearing out their hair and saying it’s too hard, our (?) intrepid innovators should be working out how to do it quickly and simply.  No-one ever got anything done by saying it’s too hard, or getting engrossed in the paperwork and feasibility studies.

Our armed forces are our best innovators.  We should set them to the task.  They are used to completing the impossible in the shortest possible time.

I realize I am wasting my breath, just as I was when I first mooted quarantine stations in the regions.  You idiot authorities think I am the fool, barking for the moon.  You are happy to explore Mars with a view to settlement but you won’t contemplate the possibility of settling the Australian desert.  Use the skills you have acquired to try to conquer Mars in conquering your own back yard.  We should have learned the lesson of India.  We need to future-proof.   The Federal Government is resting on laurels of a good record in hotel quarantine, but that is already being besmirched by the highly infectious strains of Covid 19 being imported from overseas.  We need to pre-empt any further strains and outbreaks.

And we need to bring all Australians home.



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