Perhaps I am writing too soon, but I heaved a sigh of relief when justice was done and seen to be done in the United States today.  I hope and pray it is a beginning of a new era there, an era of justice, an era of taking a good look at the soul of the nation and turning so many wrongs around.

Gun laws need to be revised.  It is sheer stupidity to argue for the right to bear arms, when so many people are trigger happy, including the law enforcers.  Opportunity is the major factor in the commission of so many murders in the U.S.  Opportunity would be taken away with laws to prohibit the free use of guns.

So many Americans think their nation is the land of the free and the brave, yet they do not bother to vote, do not bother to exercise their right to keep the nation free and brave.   Admittedly, the last Presidential election was contentious and many more people than usual turned out to vote, but that illustrated another flaw in the American soul.  Too many Americans have a grandiose notion of America’s place in the world and fell for personality politics and a figure-head who promised that America would be great.  GREAT, mind you!  Not noble, or honest, or virtuous.  Just GREAT.   Pride comes before a fall, and the nation began falling apart.  The self-righteous nationalists continued to castigate those who had more common-sense.  I hope and pray they are developing some common-sense and humility.

Its leaders still have the notion they can throw their weight around in the global arena.  That bodes ill for the nation.   If they could see what I see they, too, would be more humble.   They have delusions of grandeur, picturing the nation as it has been, not as it is. Even a bully should have the common-sense to pull his head in when other bullies the same size gang up on him.  Treat others with respect.

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