A glorious new day has dawned for Australia. Hydrogen has been ear-marked to save the day for Climate Change. There will be hydrogen hubs throughout regional Australia, providing transitioned jobs for workers who are at present working with fossil fuels.  Industry will transition to hydrogen.  It will open up the heart of the nation.

Scott Morrison has kept it under wraps till now, leaving me tearing out my hair, knowing there had to be an answer to the problem of Climate Change, other than mass unemployment and heavy taxation.  The private sector has come to the fore, entrepreneurs using their capital and know-how to write Australia into history.

For all his flaws, I commend the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, for advancing the nation in this fashion.  Pay no heed to the whingeing detractors who say it is untried and won’t work, or more ridiculously whine that it is too little, too late.  It is sooner than anything they have come up with.  Every innovation has to undergo a trial, and hydrogen has already been used successfully in industry.  We only have to expand its use.  It can eventually drive all Australian industry and the industry in our neighbouring nations, cutting carbon emissions to virtually zero, along with the scheme of carbon capture and storage.

Carbon capture, it is explained, is needed for those industries which for now anyway, need non-renewable fuel and of necessity expel carbon.  In time that will be rectified.

I have urged people to vote Independent, but I know it is a new concept and many would not feel safe voting Independent.  If you must vote for a Party, and have Climate Change as one of your main concerns, vote for Scott Morrison’s government.  It holds a promise of a new era.  Too many nations’ leaders and so-called experts talk, talk, talk.  They hold summits, offer advice and make agreements, and do NOTHING.  Scott Morrison is moving quickly in the right direction.   Support him, even if you do not actually vote for his Party.

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