There is a Federal election coming up.  This is your big moment, Australians.   Those of you who are following my blogs will know that my solution to world problems involves first of all reforming Australia, and the first step in reforming Australia is to reform the structure of government, manning the cross-benches in order to dictate reform.   With luck we will frighten the major Parties into going along even if our Independents don’t alone have the power to dictate terms.

We need trustworthy Independent s in place of the unrepresentative swill that the Parties put up as candidates.  Stand as an Independent if you have the pizzazz.  If not, vote Independent, or at least for a candidate who you judge will follow his conscience on vital matters rather than toeing the Party line.

We need to reform conditions for workers first of all.   Then we need to introduce circumstances of employment for those without work.   We need to create nation-building industries by encouraging private finance to invest in them, and workers to transition to them.  We do not need to have 5% unemployment.  Full employment will not cause inflation if people are not greedy.  What need to change are attitudes, rather than putting legislation in place to prevent inflation.

I would have as few rules, regulations and laws as possible.  I would rather people did the right thing because it is the right thing to do, the right thing for the nation, for our neighbour and for ourselves.   There have to be a few laws and penalties, of course, to cater to those who would do the wrong thing out of sheer cussedness.  Those who now do the wrong thing out of ignorance or stupidity will be educated or have matters gently or not so gently explained to them.

Those women, for instance, who misguidedly think that a foetus is a part of their own bodies and can be disposed of at whim, need to have it explained that a foetus is a potential human being separate and distinct from them, and they have no right to take its life without due consideration.  Abortion should be considered only as a last resort when a mother’s life is in danger, if the foetus is viable.  Up to twelve weeks I would consider that rape constitutes a reasonable circumstance for abortion, but then people like Jesus of Nazareth would be obliterated.  He was a product of rape.  So was I, possibly.  Makes you think.

If a single mother in poverty cared for the welfare of her offspring, she would have it adopted rather than aborted.   It is illogical to argue that economic circumstances should be allowed to dictate abortion.

At the other end of the spectrum however, self-euthanasia should be permitted.   When an elderly person’s quality of life is sadly diminished, and that person feels (s)he has contributed all (s)he can to society, there is nothing to be gained but suffering, and only a masochist considers suffering for no good reason of value.

Of course, killing with malice or for self-advancement is murder.

Theft is a moot point.  What is legally allowed is often a form of theft, immoral, and some things which are considered theft are really only an attempt by a disadvantaged person at attaining a fair go, justice. Attitudes to possessions and money need to change.   The powerful are more likely to get away with immoral possession of goods or wealth than the powerless.

As for sexual activity, it should be conducted with the idea of considering the welfare of one’s partner.  No person should be misled, humiliated, or left with an unwanted pregnancy or venereal disease out of carelessness.   I don’t think I am a puritan but I do believe that one should not indulge in sexual behaviour merely as a form of recreation.  It should be emotionally meaningful.

As for false witness, we have far too much of that in the media at present.  It must stop, or government should impose penalties.   With freedom of speech and freedom of the media comes responsibility to uphold the truth.  There are lies and LIES.   Those lies which do no harm to an individual can be forgiven.    Heaven will not fall if someone says “I didn’t do it,” when one did, but God whips up a storm if someone says “HE did it,” when he didn’t do it.

Envy is a poison in society, but we cannot legislate against it.  It is a matter of attitude.  Even Parties in government display envy.  Instead of embracing sensible policies of their adversaries, they find fault, and even invent fault, in opposition.

Worship is a matter for the individual.   I would not dictate keeping the Sabbath holy.  My idea of a holy Sabbath is a day communing with Nature, in the mountains or by the ocean.   But to each his own.

I think I have more or less covered the Ten Commandments in the above treatise, more specifically and comprehensively than did Moses.

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