Having claimed prescience, I should enlarge on my claim.

I do not know why or how my alter ego, Peggy, is prescient. For a while I, like everyone else, thought she was a little crazy, had delusions and hallucinations. Then I decided that she thought in metaphors and imagery, and what she saw was not literal. I have slowly come to believe that, though some of what she sees may be metaphor or image, sadly, too much of it needs to be taken literally.

My maternal grandmother’s maiden name was Annie Tutin. Peggy claims she is a descendant of the Teutonic kings, and therefore a descendant of King David of the Old Testament of the Bible. That makes us candidates for messiahship.

I have come to believe in reincarnation. Descendants of certain people can even remember their past lives as another person in history. This has happened with Peggy. She remembers that she was the wife of Jesus of Nazareth. She says I am a reincarnation of Jesus. There are other reincarnations of Jesus of Nazareth alive and well at the moment, but the ones of whom I am aware do not appear to be strong candidates for messiahship. Peggy, Meg and I are UP FOR IT, if anyone is. Peggy seems to think it is too late for another suitable candidate to come on the scene. We are close to possible END TIMES.

Oddly, Peggy not only sees me as a reincarnation of Jesus, but some of my family as reincarnations of some of the Apostles. My elder brother John, for instance, she claims was a reincarnation of Jesus’ cousin James, and my younger brother Bryan was a reincarnation of his brother John. (Both siblings are now dead.) My twin, Peter, she says is a reincarnation of Simon Peter of Cyrene. She has even met a reincarnation of the Roman legionnaire whose humanity at the crucifixion saved her unspeakable trauma, and apparently saved Jesus considerable agony.

Instead of nailing Jesus’ ankles to the tree on which he hung, as the Jewish priests wanted, the legionnaire lashed his ankles to the trunk of the tree. There was also a large jar of vinegar and salt the priests wanted him to throw over Jesus’ flagellation wounds. He pretended he didn’t understand what it was for, and left it at the foot of the tree. Later, as Jesus was suffering the thirst of the dying, he offered him the vinegar to moisten his lips on a piece of rag he tore from his tunic and placed on the end of his sword. Jesus died from loss of blood from the flagellation wounds, and also probably from shock from pain.

When Jesus had died, the soldier cut him down from the crossbeam with his sword.  The only witnesses were Mary of Magdala and James. He wrapped Jesus in Jesus’ cloak and ran off with him, presumably out of respect for his body, not wanting the priests to desecrate it. When the storm was over and the crowd returned, he was found fallen on his sword some distance away, but the body of Jesus was never found, and various stories were invented to explain its disappearance. The one that gained credence was the one put about a year later by Saul of Tarsus, a Jewish priest who took issue with Jesus’ political movement, and following him, with the leader who took over, Simon of Cyrene. Saul infiltrated the movement and seduced its followers into following his religious precepts, and thus was born Christianity.

I do not dispute that there are some virtues in Christianity, but the price people have paid through history for the distortion of the truth is too high. We should not continue to pay it.

We need an Age of Enlightenment, an Age in which men will come to love their fellow-men and want what is best for all mankind, rather than preening as being better than our neighbour, competing to be best, judging, and demanding that our neighbour do as we say, rather than doing well, in the hope that he will do as we do.

We cannot unite as one world until all the nations of the world accept themselves as wholesome, just as no individual can be a wholesome part of a team until he looks to himself and his motives and decides to strive for what is best for all, rather than for himself. He should also strive to see what is good in others rather than nit-picking and comparing and judging. Before you judge your neighbour, judge yourself.

I begin to fear that, despite my desire to remain virtually anonymous, and not engender a cult of the personality in my case, I have to announce that Peggy and I are destined to be either co-messiahs, bringing peace and prosperity to the world with our teachings, or harbingers of the Apocalypse. I had hoped we were the ante-Christ, but I fear we are either the Christ or the anti-Christ. We are either conjointly the messiah, bringing peace to the world, or we foretell war and perhaps the end of things on this earth.  It is up to humanity.  Do not think it is up to your neighbour or to the government, it is up to YOU to bring peace on earth by loving your neighbour.

If the worst does happen, and the world comes to an end, according to Peggy all is not lost. She believes that by some miracle of science our souls will migrate to evolving bodies on Goldilocks planets throughout the universe, or perhaps to other universes, and start over. If that does happen, let’s hope we don’t make the same mistakes we have been making on this planet for millennia.

However, let’s be positive about the survival of Planet Earth. If you have the courage, Australians, become politically involved. Stand for Federal Parliament as Independents and take over the power of government. Over-rule the selfish politicians whose first consideration is their own power and/or monetary gain. Establish a firm foundation for the family, for industry, and for justice for our Aborigines.   Introduce diplomacy into International Affairs. Introduce Members’ Bills which will bring about these things, and push for them mightily. They may not pass legislation right away but they will draw the public’s attention and the election after we might vote Parties out and have a Government of Independents.  I am hoping Fate will give us three years to manoeuvre.

Let the sunshine in!



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