There is no sin more repulsive to me than self-righteousness.   It reeks of self-pride and hypocrisy, as well as usually containing the very sin one judges in another.  People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Self-righteousness is rife in today’s world.  The West is self-righteous about sins against humanity in parts of Asia and the Middle East, while supporting Israelis in their occupation of Arab land and their total disregard for Palestinians.   It is Western nations whose grandiose idea it was in the first place to seize Palestine as a homeland for a nomad tribe of Jews.   They ‘justified’ it as recompense for the suffering the Jews had undergone under the Nazis.  That is no logical argument. Two wrongs do not make a right. They also seemed to think at the time that the invention of a new state of Israel would accelerate “The Second Coming”.   I’m not so sure about that, but I’d lay money that it will accelerate World War 111.

Now that the United States of America has finally decided to pull its occupying troops out of Afghanistan, and Australia and other allies are following suit, we have made one tentative step away from Word War 111.   To guarantee that it won’t occur, my alter ego, Peggy, tells me the Jews need to lay down their arms and accept and live among the Arabs in Palestine as one, or remove themselves and leave the occupied territory to the Palestinians.   You may think that move far-fetched, but it is no more far-fetched than was the founding of Israel in the first place.

Our self-righteousness breeds within our nations, too.  In Australia, while we wag a finger at Chinese persecution of Uigars, we incarcerate Aboriginal Australians and allow them to die in captivity in large numbers.    In the United States the situation with the plight of African-descended Americans is even worse.  No nation with such a record should presume to reprimand another nation for its human rights record.

You will be judged.

While I am on the subject, self-righteously labeling a crime “genocide” does not stop its happening.  It does not even lessen the number of murders.   How many African-descended Americans have to die unjustly before the world labels their killings “genocide”?  How many Australian Aborigines have to die in unjust incarceration before the world labels that “genocide?”   If the “goodies” do it, it is apparently pardonable; when the “baddies” do it is an unconscionable sin.  Let’s stop dividing the world into “goodies” and “baddies”.  Let’s all just be individual nations with our various eccentricities and faults which are our individual responsibility to deal with, taking on board good example and advice,  and ignoring nit-picking unless it interferes with our internal systems.  That’s what the Chinese do.

Another form of self-righteousness rife in the West, particularly in the United States of America and Australia, is the self-righteousness of women who accuse men of misogyny, while slandering them pitilessly, twisting facts, and luring men while playing innocent.  Some women want positions of power but they cannot withstand criticism and squeal that it is bullying.  Also, a woman who is irresponsible enough to become drunk and become confused as to her own actions has little ground to claim that a drunken partner is responsible for his actions.   It makes one wonder in cases in the political arena whether the motive is not to attain “justice” for the “victim” but to discredit and displace politicians in power.  Such Machiavellian manipulation should not go unpunished.

In a case of “He said, she said” no judgment can be made if one person quits the debate permanently by taking his/her life.   Sadly it leaves a permanent shadow over the reputation of the survivor, which perhaps the suicidal person even contemplated as a diabolical way of winning the argument.  It would not be the first time such a thing has happened.

I am sure there are good women in Australia who are horrified by the injustice of recent months of scandals against men.  Raise your voices to defend the men you love and respect, because if a man raises his voice in protest he is immediately labelled as another domineering misogynist.  Stand for Parliament as Independents if you can weather the storm, and fight for reason and sanity in government in place of storms in teacups engineered to discredit reasonable and sane men.

The scurrilous women who are aiming to seize power by subterfuge will abuse the power when they get it.  They will use it to debate “women’s issues” ignoring the fact that women are only half the population.  Before we discuss such things as “women’s issues” we need to deal with how we are defended, fed and housed, cared for health-wise, and we need to restore our liberty.  We will not be well-defended if we have quotas of women in the defence forces whom the men will have to be mindful of not offending, and whom they will feel instinctively bound to protect in case of danger.  We will not be well-fed if we have to depend on pernickety women who dictate our “healthy” diet and eschew eating meat as being cruel to animals.  We will live on such things as lettuce leaves and tofu.  We will not be well-housed if we are more concerned with what is inside our homes than with what they are constructed. ( I am concerned about what is inside some women’s heads.)  Health-wise, perhaps we will do better.  The women will nag the men to take care of their health so that they live longer, but perhaps they won’t want to.  As for liberty, we have already lost much of that with all the restraining laws that have been introduced by the feminist lobby and those of the gay community who have not been content to win their just rights, but now try to take away the rights of the heterosexual community.

It is my philosophy that we will never make laws that will stop evil or injustice.  However much we legislate, rules are bound to be broken by those who wish to break them.   It would be far more constructive to change our attitudes.  We cannot change our neighbour’s attitude.  We can only change our own.  We can change our own attitude by not being busy-bodies and deciding what our neighbour should or should not do, and by reforming ourselves.

Take a good look at yourself and see what improvements can be made in your concern for your neighbour.  Do you even know your next door neighbour’s name, let alone what burden(s) (s)he may carry?   A slight caring interest in others than yourself would be a start.  And not just people with whom you identify.  Reach out and try to get to know and understand people who are actually different – like men, if you are a woman.   I don’t mean that you should sit on the verandah and watch people of different skin colour go past and muse to yourself that you are not racist because you do not recoil at the sight of them.  Nor do I mean getting involved in protests and big-noting yourself as an agitator for justice.   That is all too easy to do nowadays.  I mean getting involved in your little corner of the world, to your utmost.  If every person lovingly looked after his/her own little corner of the world the world would be a happier, more peaceful place.  Do you involve yourself in politics?  That is the most effective way to change your part of the world.  Stand as an Independent at the next election.

A final thought.  Throughout history it has largely been men who have done the worst of the wrong things, and it has largely been men who have done the best of the fine and noble things.   In fact, the only two women I can think of off the top of my head who have done fine or noble things are Rosie Parkes and Sister Theresa.  Can women do better than men in future?   If they are to do so they had better stir themselves from carping over trivia and show their mettle for reforming the world instead of merely trying to reform men.

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