Some of this chapter of my site may be written in Strine, so that folk who speak only the Queen’s English, or who have learned correct English as a second language, may need some translation.

The Law of Nature is survival of the fittest.  It is true that more civilized civilizations have learned to care for their weakest members, and this has not been detrimental to their survival.  However, to over-protect fit members of a society, so that they lose their resilience, on the pretext of ‘fairness’ or ‘equal opportunity’ is detrimental.  If we become too caring of people who do not need our care we are in danger of civilizing ourselves out of civilization.

We may all be equal, but in some things some of us are more equal than others.  That is the result of luck.  However, we can make our own luck if we are fit and capable.  Hardship and struggle can make us fitter to deal with life’s set-backs.  It is detrimental to a person’s character if we smooth the way too much and make life easy, stunting the growth of character.  We should do all we can to strengthen people’s characters.  That is true love for our neighbour.

To put this in plain English, taunts and teasing serve a healthy purpose when directed at people who have the ability to withstand them.  Part of the problem with modern Western society is that taunts and teasing are taboo.  Whether one has red hair, a weight problem, buck teeth, or is of a different race or gender, taunting can bring out strong mettle.   Some differences among children are the cause of bullying, but bullying irons out unhealthy eccentricities.  Those children who dare to be different in spite of bullying show qualities of leadership.  They can and often do come to be respected by their erstwhile bullies.

Women-folk tend to cosset and protect those they consider at a disadvantage. That is one reason why, if women were in charge, Western civilization would soon be overrun by stronger, more resilient civilizations.  That is one good reason why women should not be allowed to be put in charge.

I give one illustration of when bullying had a positive effect.   My younger son was in the care of his father for three months as a pre-teen.  His father was lackadaisical about his diet and allowed him to eat junk food to his heart’s content, with the result that my son was returned to me sadly overweight.   On his first day back at his old school he received numerous taunts of “Fatty” and “Porky”.  He came home in tears, begging for help.  The help I suggested was a strict diet – one weetbix for breakfast, a piece of fruit for lunch, and a small amount of meat and three veg. for dinner, until he lost the weight.  I could never have motivated him to such a strict diet, but his schoolmates’ taunts did.   He complained constantly that he was hungry, but he soon hushed up when reminded of the cause for which he was going hungry.  In six weeks he was back to his normal weight, and ever since he has been vigilant of his diet himself.

If we cosset people who are overweight we run the risk of their staying overweight, or getting more so.  If we cosset people with acne, we run the risk of their not taking care of their skin.  If we hesitate to ‘slut-shame’ girls who are acting like libertinous hoydens we run the risk of their being clandestinely disrespected.  If we patronize New Australians who do not understand our form of English, they are not encouraged to learn to speak it.   If we over-protect and cosset people of other races than Caucasian, we do not bring out in them the qualities of leadership that are needed in this country and that we look for in Caucasians.

Vilifcation is going over the top, but we are far too touchy, have lost our sense of humour.   We used to be a weird mob, but we are becoming more and more like every other Dick and Jane in our niceness.  A certain amount of ridicule of what is ‘different’ is healthy.  It separates the men from the boys and the women from the men.

To complain that it is disrespectful, for instance, to accuse a male of “throwing like a girl” is ridiculous.  It is a scientific fact that the majority of females throw awkwardly, at least until the fact of their awkwardness is pointed out to them.  The ones who then start throwing like males do better.

I do not mean by this that women should ape men.  What women should do is to assign themselves to the role that suits their inner self, whether it is tomboy, leader, or feminine female.  Feminine females have an important role to fill as mothers and nurturers, and loyal partners to males who may be leaders.  They attain glory vicariously.

Those women who prostitute themselves to men in power are seeking the glory of being associated with power and prestige.  To  then complain that the male had “power” over them is hypocrisy, unless they are not the full quid to begin with.  They know just what they are doing, as do women who feign affection for a man in order to marry for power and prestige.  Such women often look down on “women of the street” as “prostitutes”, when they are doing a similar thing, selling their bodies for something they desire.

Some women  who do not have any physical or material desire for a man still have the female tendency to manipulate to get what they want, and manipulate those women who do have an attraction to males into their cause of dominating the power structure of society.

In recent history one fine President came to his downfall over a woman who was angling for the reflected glory in having oral sex with a powerful man.  Then hypocrites who wanted to overthrow him cited “lying” as the pretext.   As if we do not all tell lies every day, and even under oath!  George Washington told the truth only because no-one else could have been guilty of chopping down the cherry tree.

Some women know the power of instigating guilt feelings in heterosexual males and manipulate them by this means.   It would take a man who was not bluffed by the fact that a large part of his brain is lodged in his balls, a man who is not lured by the attractive package that manipulators come in, to call a halt to those who, in combat, either lead a man by the balls, or knee him in the balls instead.

I am calling a halt.

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