My apologies to all whom I may offend with my philosophy on the entity of God, Heaven, and the purpose of life.  I realize how passionately and for how long so many of you have clung to your various faiths, believing what the Scriptures of your various religions tell you.  I can understand that you may feel angry that I am insinuating that your various stories are all at least only partly true, and probably largely myth.

With education, at least the Western world is ready to accept what is rational is probably more likely to be Truth than what seems miraculous or magical.  Yet even I am asking you to believe things which are not rational, like the existence of souls, life after death, and reincarnation.

I have repeatedly stated that Jesus of Nazareth was not a religious leader, but a political one.   Then I claim to be a reincarnation of him, and seem to dismiss your religious beliefs and try to replace them with my own.  Believe me, I may not believe as you believe, but though I dismiss your beliefs, I do not require or ask you to do so.  If your faith is a comfort and a strength to you, I am happy for you to stay in that faith, as long as it does not impede your love for your fellow-man.

Loving your fellow-man includes respecting his right to his own beliefs, insofar as his beliefs do not impede his love for his neighbour.    Before you judge your neighbour’s capacity to love his neighbour, however, look inward and judge your own.

I say God is only the sum total of all that is good and true and wise in mankind, from the beginning of time until now.   Solomon, Plato, Buddha, Confucius, Michelangelo,  Galileo, Einstein, are all part of God, as are all living persons on Earth who are serving mankind.  All your kin and friends who have died are still with us, very much alive in the spirit.  Some of you may even be aware of the presence of those close to you who have died.  You can feel their thoughts breathing in your soul, your mind.  Surely it is not blasphemy for anyone of any faith to believe that.

That is all God is: mankind.  That is, unless you include all of the universe, all that is.   God is not omnipotent.   The universe, Nature,  rules over God.   We can try to tame the universe.  We can alter small things, for good or ill.  We can build dams and levies.  We can find cures for disease, and mend broken or misshaped bodies.   We can turn women to men, or men to women.   Perhaps we will one day be able to manufacture humans, but I suspect we will not be able to clone suitable souls to go with them.

God is, above all else, love.  God is the goodness in people.   There is not enough of it in the world today.  Perhaps that is why the universe is taking a hand in destroying so much.   It is demolishing ruins in order to build anew.

I have been trying for many years to tell the world these things, but I had not the cunning to get my message across.   At last with the world wide web I am reaching some of you.  If you take my words to heart, please spread them.   I am old now.  I am weary and feel I won’t be here, alive, much longer.  I want to leave my message, clear and simple.   Jesus of Nazareth said it.  Confucius said it.  Sun Tzu said it in his own fashion.   Buddha said it.  Love one another.  That does not mean “Try to force others to love you and what you believe in.”  That means look into your soul and see yourself and judge whether you can love yourself. Then look into the soul of your neighbour and love what you can see to love in him, but do not judge him for what you can see in him that you do not love.  Reach out with your whole heart and soul and love what is lovable in him and let him know it.   If he spurns or tries to misuse your love, then dismiss him, but do not judge him.  Let him judge himself.

If all the nations, all the races, all the cultures, practiced this, there would be PEACE ON EARTH.  It will take a long time for enough people to heed.  In thousands of years they haven’t heeded.  I don’t see how enough people will heed in my lifetime.   My notion that Peggy, Meg and I may be conjointly the promised messiah has faded.  There will be another.    Perhaps we were just meant to prepare the way.  When the messiah does come, heed him.  If prophesy is to be believed. a final catastrophe will occur if you don’t.  I fear it will be nothing as pleasant a a “rapture” in which all the good people are caught up into the sky.  It will probably be something more like atomic warfare which destroys the planet.

I feel a sense of urgency, but that is nothing new.  I have felt it ever since I felt “called” to deliver this message, in 1971.  Ironic that though I waffled on for 49 chapters, the core message of my blog is one that has been repeated by prophets for thousands of years.  I know I do not practice what I preach.  I sound off at people who annoy me, and avoid others.  I judge hypocrites and selfish people, and avaricious and material-minded people.  And I shouldn’t.  I am not the best role model you could have.  I wish you could know Peggy better.  She is indescribably untainted.

I am becoming a little melancholy.  Best I leave off now.  Good night all.

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