History is written by the victors. It is not necessarily the Truth.

At the risk of being committed once more to a psychiatric institution, I intend below to write the Truth as my alter ego Peggy remembers it.

Peggy claims that I am a reincarnation of Adam, the first man.  She is steeped in mythology and that is obviously some sort of metaphor.  But the entire Old Testament of the Bible is metaphor, and according to Peggy, is inaccurate, therefore it is inaccurate metaphor.   Peggy claims that she is a reincarnation of Lilith, Adam’s first wife, and Meg is a reincarnation of Eve, his second wife.   However, the Old Testament, (or is it the Talmud?) gets the sequence wrong.  It is Eve who is a destroyer of infants, and who claims that she is equal to Adam.  But it is also Eve whose tempting of Adam with the Forbidden Fruit cost us The Garden of Eden.

It is happening all over again.  Women are usurping the male role, claiming to be equal.  They are arguing that it is moral to kill unborn infants.   The Western world is being turned upside down.    We quarrel over who should have power, dividing democratic nations so that they are weakened and easy to conquer.

We need the physical strength and the rationality of males to overcome the crises which are befalling us now.  We cannot afford to be distracted and undermined by women who fuss over trifles instead of concerning themselves with genuine issues.  They also treat men with disrespect, causing the younger generation of males to grow to adulthood confused or defensive or without strong male role models.  Our feminized legislation makes us wimps who cannot withstand adversity.

Some males instinctively fight back against the push to usurp them from their place as the head of society, and they assault women instead of protecting them as natural male instinct would normally cue them to do.  Men are the head; women are the heart.  The rare societies which have been feminized have not survived for long.  Women who seized power en masse lost their maternal instinct and the next generation fared badly, if it survived at all, and within three or four generations those societies collapsed.

If we allow the feminists to govern us, Western society will go under to the circumspect Chinese civilization, which is waiting for our weakness to manifest enough for it to seize power without a struggle.

Those men who are committing “degrading acts” against women are acting on instinct which is telling them that women need putting back in their place.  Women, except for the few who are attuned to male thought, should remain subservient, subjecting their feelings to the rational dictates of male logic, and their physical bodies to male protection.  They should treat male proclivities with respect and not flaunt their sexuality to random males.  Their sexuality is power, and flaunting it can be misconstrued in several ways.  Males do not think as the average female does.  No amount of preaching or “education” will change that fact.

Men are hunters; women are nesters.  Forcing different roles on either or both foils the natural order.

This is the dawning of The Age of Aquarius.  This Age demands liberty and  integrity.  It demands a correct order of Nature.  It will come one way or another, either by our obedience to the Law of Nature, or the forcing of it by our being conquered by a superior force which does attempt to respect the Law of Nature.

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