I hope I haven’t discouraged readers with hypotheticals.  The key to the future is to seize the opportunity for change.  Ride the crest of the wave.    If any big business tycoons are still reading my words – perhaps curious as to what we underlings are plotting – I appeal to you.  We can do what China can do, or have we lost the skills to manufacture steel, cars, television sets, refrigerators, computers, mobile phones, ships, locomotives, even the odds and bobs we now buy from China?    We need to find uses for our iron ore ourselves instead of selling it to China, and make our own odds and bobs if we must have them.

Maybe we need our youngsters to be weaned off their mobile phones in order to develop their creative streaks and think up innovative ways of competing with our trading partner instead of depending on her.

We need a thirty hour week to invigorate the workforce, particularly the young who are coming into it.   We need variety in the workforce, and young blood.  If we stick with a tired forty hour week and vacancies in the same old jobs, we will stagnate.   Is there any small businessman who can see that the small business that he has been nurturing is dying, and who has realized that what he needs is to branch out into something different?  Step up.  We need you.

Could you start up a cleaning business, or learn a trade, try manufacturing paper, or join the renewable energy workforce?  Would you be willing to learn new skills, or use your imagination to invent new things to make your work easier or more productive?

Many of the younger generation have lost their imaginations.  They don’t know how to look for knowledge if it is not at their fingertips, on their phones or their lap-tops.  That is no way to create new industries, new inventions.   Our society is stagnating while it is busy making money out of money and waste.  We are producing only money and waste.    Money on its own does nothing but inflate, and waste simply decomposes, unfortunately too slowly.

Capitalism feeds on itself.  Big money cannibalises the workers.   If only big money could see that its final fate is eventual collapse if it rides too hard on the workers!   Just as the hierarchies in other dynasties – the emperors, the kings, the tzars, – were overthrown by disgruntled lower classes, capitalism will topple if the workforce remains under the pressure of deprivation of parental control of the young. Better if capitalists make themselves part of the revolution.  Give back parental control of youth by shortening work hours.   The young are the workforce of the future, and we are throwing them on the scrap-heap of unemployment, mental instability, suicide, and drug-taking and crime.  That is how our society will collapse.

We have the chance to turn things around with changes in industry with the pandemic, and the changes in trade with our dispute with China.   We need to seize the moment.  We need to drag ourselves out of a precarious present into a more promising future, a more egalitarian future, and therefore a healthier future for all of us.

The present gap between rich and poor is a disgrace to our nation.  We once prided ourselves on our lack of class distinction,  but the haves now ignore the have-nots in cars and on park benches, in emergency accommodation,  and living hand to mouth on low wages or the dole, while they rattle around in their six bathroom homes and smirk about the powerlessness of the “great unwashed”.

They are wrong to smirk.  The lowest classes are the foundation of any society.  As they become more and more powerless, the foundations of our society will slowly crumble, leading the top-heavy upper class, the extremely wealthy, to topple.

If we are all in this together, let’s co-operate.  United we’ll stand.  Divided we’ll fall.   All for ONE, and ONE for all.  One Australia, that is.  One egalitarian nation.

Let’s go for industrial reform: shorter and more flexible hours; no more casual work; a definition of employment that covers those at present manipulated into contract labour; a basic wage per hour for all; various forms of assistance for those needing to transition from one form of industry to another – financial assistance, training and help in relocation; and a permanent increase in unemployment benefits.  Big money can afford these changes.  It doesn’t have to fall on the lowest rung of taxpayers.  Big money cannot afford not to make these changes.  You depend on the poor for your wealth.

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