Remembering the Climate Change protests we can now smile.  The Australian public is almost unanimously behind the push to develop renewable energy to replace non-renewables.  Even big business has embraced this way of combating Climate Change, having found non-renewables cheaper to produce and more profitable than fossil fuels.  Only our government is ideologically opposed to flattening the graph of carbon production.  We need to OVERTHROW THE  STATUS QUO to implement environmentally beneficial policies.

The party system has shown some of its short-comings in its disputes over ways to handle the pandemic.  Opposition states remained obstinate, more, it seems, to assert their power against federal government and for the sake of opposition, than for any rational reason.  Our Prime Minister did attempt some sort of non-partisan rule to attack the pandemic but entrenched attitudes foiled him.   We need to vote out all parties and vote in Independents.

Some other hazards we have encountered along the way with action on Climate Change have been solved.  Few now deny the science of Climate Change.  Farmers and graziers have come on board and are among the most ardent supporters of decreasing our carbon footprint.  Extinction Rebellion died a sudden death with the restrictions put in place to combat the virus, as did other attempts at anti-social movements.  The personality cult associated with Greta Thunberg also fizzled out, though not the personality cult of Trumpism.

There are still unhealthy attitudes.  Government still counts on the return of international tourism, as do many in the travel industry.   International flights and cruise ships are major causes of pollution of the planet.  All governments should be discouraging them.  Armchair travel should be propagated in their place.

Covid 19 has encouraged bi-partisan government throughout western democracies and temporarily saved democracy in most places, though the U.S. of A. is teetering.  Let us hope Joe Biden will restore its balance.

Meantime Australia has the opportunity, being virtually free of the virus, to forge ahead developmentally.  We need caution in opening our borders.  Sadly, we now even need caution in repatriating overseas Australians.  Procrastination always brings ill.

Looking back, though, we have weathered a few catastrophic storms in Australia.  Catastrophes for a while seemed like London buses – another came along every five minutes.  We are in calmer waters now, even though we grieve loss of lives, and loss of possessions from the fires.  We are wiser, and prepared for the worst catastrophes.  Short of an atomic World War 111 there is not much we are not prepared to overcome.  Despite the quarreling of our politicians, we, the people, have got through the nightmares of the last two years, and should be confident of our resilience.  Our once pampered youth have learned to endure hardship and know how to overcome obstacles.  That is a priceless lesson.

We, the people, have become more united, despite the quarrels of our politicians, and more politically aware of the toxic nature of adversarial politics.  We are ready for the labor pains of rebirth of our nation.  If we start by standing as Independents and voting for Independents at the next federal election we shall eventually have truly bi-partisan government.

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