It seems one of the hazards of Climate Change has caught up with Australia in an unmistakable fashion.  The only people now reluctant to talk about what we can do to mitigate the effects of Climate Change in our drier and forested regions are our politicians.  It’s time we got rid of them, but we need a concrete strategy in place once we OVERTHROW THE STATUS QUO and gain the power to adopt a strategy.

Australia has a unique environment which needs to be maintained differently from that of the European nations on which the Greens seem to think we should model it.  Our immediate concern is not our carbon footprint – we are pulling beyond our weight in minimising that – but in countering drought and fire.  For too long the major Parties have let the Green Party wag the tail of the dog, allowing vast National Parks to grow like Topsy, unattended.

For thousands of years the Aborigines sensibly used fire to clear hazardous undergrowth, yet ostensibly for the sake of a small amount of flora and fauna, the Greens have been for years insistent, and the major Parties passively agreed, that the ‘bush’ should remain totally intact.  Now that we have sadly lost some human life along with countless flora and fauna, and the homes and livelihoods of many of our vital primary producers, perhaps the Greens will listen to commonsense.

They still argue that Climate Change is the culprit.  It is a major factor in the dryness and high winds that exacerbate the fires, but if pastoralists and firies had been permitted to back-burn as they have pleaded for years, the fires, those that would still have occurred, would not have been catastrophic.

Still, it doesn’t behove us to quarrel, to cause divisions of ‘us’ and ‘them.’   We need to heal wounds and just quietly point out without malice what damage the Greens’ well-meant but nonsensical philosophy  has wrought.  Surely now they will come on board.  It astounds me that politicians on both sides bow to this philosophy.  Logging is the latest bone of contention.   Loggers do not clear forest willy nilly.  Like primary producers, they care for the environment in a sensible way, but try to tell politicians, who listen only to the loudly protesting Greens, that.  We should try to get some Independents into the Queensland Parliament in 2020.  Labor is as guilty as the Conservatives in its intractability over real solutions to the Climate Change dilemma.  A few Independents in Queensland State Parliament might frighten Federal politicians into realizing we mean  business.

A segue regarding the rumour I hear that firies have been stood down because they did not possess blue cards.   If true, it is the Nanny State gone mad.   Blue Cards are virtually useless, preventing only already convicted pedophiles from ever again becoming useful members of society.  They do nothing to prevent covert, undetected pedophiles from attaching themselves to any organisation they choose.   Of all the Nanny State regulations, I think this one takes the cake.  Time to OVERTHROW THE STATUS QUO and get rid of all these ridiculous Nanny State rules and regulations.

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