21. TOWARDS THE DISTANT FUTURE: The Importance of Freedom

Alarmist Climate Change activists prophesy almost immediate doom for human-kind. In fact, it could take a century or more for such a threat to come close.   In the mean-time scare-mongering is only de-valuing democracy in the western world.  It ranges “us” against “them”.The point of democracy  is that it is the best means by which a people can freely chose a lifestyle which is self-actualising and harmonious. We are gradually losing our freedom as we lose democracy.  An over-zealousness of governments to play fair by minorities has led to a raft of rules and regulations which restrict us more and more.   The laws we have put in place to protect us from violence, robbery, fraud and the like are understandable and necessary, but now we have laws to protect us from minor infringements against each other.Being encouraged by authorities to “dob in” neighbours who are “cheating on welfare” is a disturbing modern trend of the State.  It may be wrong to “cheat on welfare” but while trillionaires tuck away potential taxpayers’ money in trust funds or tax havens, and politicians justify padding their generous allowances, I consider it my moral duty NOT TO dob on a countryman perhaps struggling on a pittance like Newstart.  It’s time to OVERTHROW THE STATUS QUO, get rid of a government that is starting to have a mentality reminiscent of a police state.

Unnecessary rules began to sneak in, if I recall correctly, when I was a child.  The Salvation Army was banned from playing music and singing on street corners on  Sunday afternoons because it disturbed some people’s naps – probably the same people who mowed their lawns on Sunday afternoons.    Then paper boys were forbidden to call out their wares in the street.  It caused too much commotion.   The Hare Krishnas were likewise forbidden to chant their prayers, so that others would have ‘freedom’ from their noise.

Then anti-discrimination laws were brought in.  We already had unfair dismissal laws, but now bosses must hire people who won’t fit into their work milieu so long as they have the right qualifications, under threat of being sued for discrimination.   In the old days, most Irishmen could have legitimately complained of discrimination, but somehow the Irish managed to find jobs, to fit in and be accepted.

Now we are threatened with religious freedom laws.  What the heck are they?   If you’re a gambler or a fornicator I can tell you to go to hell with impunity, but if you’re a homosexual, a Christian, a Hindu, or a Calathumpian, I can’t?  It’s getting quite silly.

People are reluctant to speak their minds unless they are ‘victims’. Being a victim gives one carte blanche  to accuse a protagonist of all manner of evil things, and an accusation means one is guilty even if finally proven innocent, because the media at large makes sure mud sticks.  And the media want freedom, forgetting that with the kind of freedom they want, comes responsibility.

Climate Change protesters go over the top using violence  in demanding freedom to protest, and squeal police brutality.  Your behaviour encourages the introduction of a police state.   There are more peaceful and law-abiding ways to get your message across.  That is, if it hasn’t got across, which I would say it has, without your rioting.  Your antics lead one to believe you might have ulterior motives which are selfish rather than altruistic.

It’s time to OVERTHROW THE STATUS QUO that gives free rein to these minorities with their raucous voices demanding government pass laws that restrict others’ freedoms.  We should be free  to not employ, not bake a cake for, not join in matrimony, not perform abortion on, anyone, and be free to express our opinion without fear of censure unless we are inciting to riot or slandering a person.  We should all learn to live and let live.

Taking offence is a reaction by the person choosing to take offence.  e.g. you can’t MAKE ME upset.  I choose to GET UPSET at what you say.  The people who call Caucasians ‘white supremacists’ for instance, are just as ‘racist’ as those Caucasians who call others derogatory names.

Enough of the name-calling, and the ‘us’ and ‘them’ (that goes for women versus men, too).  We need to pull together, to be polite, to respect our differences without being regulated into it.   We may survive more effectively as virtual slaves under a fascist or socialist regime, but would we want to find out?  If some of us lose our freedom, we all lose.  This is OUR country.  We are all AUSTRALIAN!

Let’s all be proud of our various ancestors and inculcate them into a culture that is uniquely Australian, which accepts all except extremes. And even then, don’t condemn extremists.  Try instead to persuade them to a more moderate path.

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