We are ‘waging war’ to OVERTHROW THE STATUS QUO, so we must have rules of engagement. As the Status Quo is entrenched we must use sabotage to thwart their established strategies and win over voters. Below I make some suggestions. You may come up with others.

1 (a) DO NOT character assassinate.
1 (b) DO treat all voters and other candidates with respect.
2 (a) DO NOT dump on others’ policies (however nonsensical they may seem to you.)
2 (b) DO listen and learn, and take on board good ideas.
3 (a) DO NOT put people down.
3 (b) DO ignore hecklers.
4 (a) DO NOT get into heated arguments.
4 (b) DO debate intelligently. Put forward ideas and policies clearly and concisely.
5 (a) DO NOT evade questions.
5 (b) DO find out if you do not know the answer.
6 ( a) DO NOT descend into personal abuse.
6 (b) DO attack the policy, not the person.
7 (a) DO NOT be rattled by interrupting and invasive interviewers.
7 (b) DO point out to them that they are being rude, and demand respect.
8 (a) DO NOT be intimidated by those in power.
8 (b) DO remember that integrity counts for more than power, and that you are in this for the good of the nation, and to OVERTHROW THE STATUS QUO who are often distracted by the trappings of power.

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