At the last Federal election in May of 2019, I suspect Independent candidates made the mistake of registering in each electorate in numbers.  Thus the vote for Independents was divided, and their preferences went to the Liberal Party.

That mistake must be avoided at the next election.  Potential Independent candidates, in future please seek out other potential Independent candidates in your electorate, to liaise  and pool resources.  Only one candidate per electorate gains a seat in Parliament.  If four or three or even two Independent candidates nominate it divides the vote which will then go to one of the major parties or to the Greens, who are equally suspect for their irrational approach to the problem of Climate Change.

Try to find each other and discuss your aims in common apart from Climate Change Action.  Try to minimise differences and impartially gauge which of you has the most chance of winning votes.  If necessary, toss a coin or draw straws for a gentlemen’s agreement as to who will stand.  Deposits can be refunded if a candidate withdraws 24 hours before the election date.

When campaigning, remember you are doing it for your children and grand-children.  Do not attempt a scare campaign.  Our children are  anxious enough as it is. Teenagers catastrophise.  When my parents were adolescents it was World War 1 that was the end of the world.  For the next generation it was World War 11.  In my children’s time it was the atomic bomb.

Assure you children that you have things under control, that the world will not end, that you will leave it reasonably secure for them to take over.  Half the problem with children’s anxiety today is that ‘experts’ advise us to take them seriously when they become anxious.   It is not our job to feed their anxiety, but to allay it.  Anxiety never solved a problem.  Speak and act as though you are competent to deal with the problem.  Even if you are not, fake it till you make it. And hush the catastrophising adults, ‘experts’, and Extinction Rebellion fanatics.

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