Extinction Rebellion organisers are of voting age and could themselves do something lawful and political to halt climate change, rather than inconveniencing the public, breaking the law and taking up valuable police time protesting for someone else to do something. It seems fairly obvious that their real motive is to win notoriety.

The large majority of the world now accept Climate Change Science as fact. Even the Climate Change deniers are willing to co-operate in over-coming or mitigating the effects of what they see as unprecedented weather events. Protesters are preaching to the converted.Those who are willing are quietly doing what they can. Those who are not willing, and even some who now are, can only be alienated by anti-social acts. Protesting does keep young people doing something more harmless than drug-taking, self-harming and the like.  It is  a natural rite of passage for the young to want a cause to fight for, but more mature folk should realise that these mass protests are fodder for the media and little else.

The correct way to persuade anyone else who needs persuading is to act with quiet dignity – to point out that the most effective way to change attitudes and behaviour is political, to OVERTHROW THE STATUS QUO by standing for or voting for Independents in Parliament.

We can all do small things, of course. I do not recommend the cynical self-serving methods of the super-market chains in Australia, which pretend to be saving us from plastic waste by no longer giving us bio-degradable plastic bags.  Instead they make a huge profit by selling us more non-bio-degradable plastic or fabric ones each time we forget the ones we purchased on the last visit. Silly governments were originally behind them in this move, and are now too lazy to rescind the law that allowed the profiteering.  It would help reduce waste if these conglomerates were boycotted in favour of more honest retailers.  Shop at your local green-grocer or market for fruit and vegetables, and at the independent butcher for meat.  You will get fresher, better quality, and sometimes even cheaper products, usually wrapped or bagged in paper.

If you do not demonstrate, do not get arrested, are not photographed, are not caught up in the excitement, you may feel deprived, that you won’t be part of history. But we are all part of history. The majority make up the silent movement of the present which evolves into the future and makes the present past.

If you are old enough and have the circumstance to be able to stand for Parliament, please consider it. If not, please persuade a friend or relative in a better position to do so. You may be lacking in confidence, or even afraid, but by acting now you are the soldiers of the future. You want the future to belong to you, not to someone else.  Rome and Greece fell, and the British Empire crumbled.  Its remnants, Western democracy, are under threat.  We must change or go under.

Australia may become a life-boat in the future. It must be a strong, secure life-boat, able to hold not only us, but fugitives from wrecked vessels.  Charity begins at home and with the family.  We rescue first those with democratic values like our own.

To dispense with the lifeboat analogy, it is Australia’s right to decide who shall enter our borders, but we should do so with compassion as well as carefulness. The Captain and crew, or the Members of Parliament, are the final arbiters of who comes on board.

One can’t put old heads on young shoulders. Some of our young have been brainwashed into accepting things this country should not accept. Extinction Rebellion is an example. Its organisers are anti-social. Their purpose is not to lead the young with integrity into the future, or to persuade our leaders to act with wisdom and integrity, but to create anarchy so its organisers can glory in their notoriety. Do not allow yourselves to be pawns in their game.

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