It’s good that our youngsters have urged the older generations to protest against Climate Change inaction by our leaders, though it is a shame that anarchists have moved in and introduced violence, and attack our valuable police force and innocent workers, undoing much of the good work dedicated young people have done to influence their elders.

I  have re-examined how much I am doing and have made the effort to open another website. My last one was taken down by persons unknown, but I shall persevere.

Empty vessels make the most sound. I am not advocating that quiet Australians become raucous in voice. They are quietly doing what they think they can, but we can do more. I know some farmers and graziers have walked off their land because our laissez-faire government has so far paid them lip-service in their time of need. If any of you read this blog, please consider the tactic of standing for Parliament as Independents to OVERTHROW THE STATUS QUO and get genuine retrospective and pro-active aid for primary industry.  Water supply is the major need.

Further than that, I do not intend to talk about what we have done, or what we are doing about Climate Change. Below I set out a grand plan of what we might do.

I HAVE A DREAM.* It may be wild and impossible, but hear me out. Federal Government should relocate to Central Australia, maybe to be as inclusive as possible to the border of Queensland, the Northern Territory, and South Australia, but perhaps more practically along the Ghan, on the Northern Territory, South Australia border.

That will require an airport, adequate roads, and I am thinking, a rail link from east to west as well as the Ghan. Federal Government should take over the rail system and make all tracks 5’3″ gauge. (The wider the better for fast trains, I am told.)  We should consider carefully before installing any further rail tracks or purchasing any further trains until this is implemented. The abandoned track to Quilpie could be cleared and laid, and a track laid from Carnarvon in the west. A rail system would give us electric train freight in place of road trains.  While we are at it, we could build a pipeline from east to west in preparation for when we discover an economical way to turn sea water to fresh.

Politicians themselves could travel to the capital for parliamentary sessions by train. It would give them time to reflect and prepare. It would also be economical, for surely no politician would dare charter a private train.

Locating the capital in the Centre would open up Australia. Mining would continue to be the sustainable industry, but there could be an end to fly-in fly-out labour. Families would be more willing to settle in the Capital and in adjacent regional towns which would undoubtedly spring up. Jobs would be created to support the political and mining sectors.  A university and/or a technical college could be sited there, with research centres in physics and medicine.  The Centre is an ideal place to study astronomy, and medical research in the Centre could involve and benefit Aborigines.

Before we can consider moving the capital to the Centre we need to have a reliable water supply. The inland rivers flow into Lake Eyre and salinate. With a little ingenuity scientists could alter that process. They could also experiment with the salt water by which Australia is plentifully girt. Those companies which bottle water and sell it in plastic bottles at an astronomical profit to teenagers might be able to come up with something even more ingenious if pressured, or are they international companies and don’t give a stuff?

Greening the desert might take a hundred years, but such a thing has been done before by men. Perhaps we should get some experts in from Israel to advise us.


* 27.01.20 There is a saying “Be careful what you wish for”. My wish for the city to come to the bush has come true in a paradoxical and terrifying way in recent months. The bush has come to the city, and the city has responded with incredible generosity and empathy. We are united as we have not been since W.W. 11. Let us pray that it does not take a catastrophe to keep us united. We must remember we are one.





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