In the West, under eighteens, unable to vote, are protesting in their thousands, pleading with governments to listen to their concerns about Climate Change and to act urgently. They feel real distress that their protests and concerns seem ignored.

I suggest, teens and tweens, that you are aiming your protests at the wrong targets. Aim them instead at those adult relatives and friends who claim to support you. Insist that they stand as or at least vote for Independents in coming elections to OVERTHROW THE STATUS QUO.

Greta Thunberg has caused a sensation, but she is a one-day wonder, at best a puppet of the media and a mere curiosity to the supposed leaders of the free world. She is another example of the media’s promoting the cult of the personality, which in recent history has spawned such people as Stalin, Hitler, and Donald Trump.

Australian politicians are correct about one thing. The place of students is in the classroom or lecture hall or in apprenticeships. We need you to prepare the groundwork for necessary infrastructure and inventions and research into digital technology, engineering, medicine, biology, ….things which will help us and you to weather Climate Change.

If you must march and protest, do so in your spare time. You should train yourselves to be disciplined. True revolutionaries respect just and reasonable laws. It is their respect for reasonable laws that gives gravity to revolt against regimes which are unreasonable or have passed their use-by date.

Greta Thunberg is undoubtedly sincere in her angst, but she is being used by sinister forces you young people probably cannot comprehend. Do not allow yourselves to be similarly used.

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