Climate Change deniers are not stupid or obstinate. They are in denial. It’s a waste of time arguing with someone in denial as any psychology student will tell you. Anyway, Climate Change is not a religion to which someone has to be converted to be saved. Arguing the point will only debase debate to the childish level of Parliamentary question time. Instead of a mindset of “us” and “them” , go along with as much as deniers are willing to concede and work with them.


They are likely to concede that the recent trend of severe flood, fire, drought and storms needs mitigating. Resist doing the math on carbon emissions. Instead, ask them for their opinion on how the severity and damage could be lessened. You need to take these factors into account in any case.

Your stereo-typical Climate Change denier is older, resistant to change, and often a man on the land who has weathered forty or more years of drought and flood and come through, or not. He’s resilient and resourceful. The land is his passion. If he comes to believe his struggles have been for nought it will break his heart and his spirit and he will be good for nothing. We need him. Don’t alienate him.

Australia is not in immediate danger from Climate Change, though pockets of the population are.  These pockets are mainly pastoralists.  Many of them have worked the land for four or five generations, and if they are forced off their properties by drought, they feel totally disillusioned and sometimes think they have no future at all and suicide. We must break this mindset by allowing them to see there is hope in a different career, one which will absorb their passions, though in a different vein.  Instead of haranguing them, try to persuade them to join the fight against Climate Change (or drought) by entering Parliament as Independents to OVERTHROW THE STATUS QUO and take action the present government refuses to take, for in fact our worst Climate Change deniers are Federal Government politicians.

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