There is a tendency to panic when things are awry and we feel we are not in control of the situation. That is why the young are frightened and anxious about Climate Change. But the threat posed by Climate Change does not need to rouse panic. We CAN gain control. If there is no clear majority in Government cross-benchers hold the power. If we can swamp the Houses of State and Federal Parliaments with Independents who are committed to revolutionary change, we have the power to OVERTHROW THE STATUS QUO, loosen the grip of commerce on Australian governments, and introduce dynamic changes in place of the inertia and insipid policy of Climate Control by all present Parties.


If you have not the confidence or the circumstance to enable you to stand for Parliament as an Independent, at least you can vote Independent, for a candidate you have come to know and trust, for the sake of the future of our youth.

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