We do not need to change the Constitution to alter the structure of Parliaments in Australia, demolish the Party system, and make radical changes that will loosen the grip of capitalism on government. We need only to swamp the Houses of Parliament with Independents.

In doing so we will be repeating history. The Australian Aborigines brought with them to this continent a form of democracy similar to that of ancient  Rome before the Caesars, councils of tribal elders. 

When the British invaded, democracy was lost for a time, but the rebellion at Eureka Stockade by Australian gold diggers of several nationalities in 1854 won the vote for adult white males. The women’s vote followed in the various states between the 1870s and 1880s. Eighteen-year-olds were granted the franchise in 1971, and finally, with the bestowing of the right to vote on Aborigines in 1962, Australia became totally democratic once again. The majority of those eligible to vote are also eligible to stand as candidates for Parliament.

If we succeed in swamping the Australian Parliaments with Independents, governing by consensus, we will be adopting a form of government similar to, though on a larger scale than, that of the Aborigines. It would be wholesome to adopt as far as is possible for a progressive nation, their social structure of democratic communism. The Aborigines had little in the way of material possessions and what they had was shared among the tribe. Even the children belonged to the tribe. There was little room for parental pride in or possession of the achievements of their children. Our children might benefit from being ‘owned’ by the ‘village’ rather than by two parents, or even more sparingly, by one. We certainly could do with fewer possessions. It would be an effective method of breaking the nexus of capitalism, planned obsolescence and waste.

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