In Australia the sensible source of renewable energy is solar power. * However, it has its draw-backs. The major one is the disposal of solar panels which have reached their use-by date. We need State Parliaments to give grants so researchers can invent bio-degradable solar panels.  Space-based solar generation could solve this problem, as well as providing unlimited amounts of power, but it may take years for that to happen.  And surely we do not need to commit to aiding the United States of America in sending a rocket to Mars as a trade-off for space-based solar power!  The U.S. of A. needs us for its space ventures more than we need it.  We should strike a hard bargain if we are silly enough to go into a joint venture.


The second problem of solar power is cost. If we introduce flexible costing for electric power now it will ease us into the fact of having to pay more for solar power. The third draw-back is economical. We will lose the revenue derived from exporting our coal - the cleanest in the world - which keeps our economy bouyant. Transitioning too quickly from coal to renewables may cause recession. There will be enough unemployment to cope with as the coal mining industry and its subsidiaries die. I shall deal with the problem of mass unemployment in another blog.


As you can see, though, transitioning to renewables and phasing out coal can't be as rapid as some would like. We need power, so we must use some coal while we are transitioning.

We must urgently step up our exploration for oil in Australia. We have shale oil in plentiful supply if we had the motivation to find it. We should not depend on supplies from overseas for pricing. As long as Australians drive petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles we need oil. With the vast distances that must sometimes be covered road vehicles are essential.  We should find our own oil or develop another method of fuelling road vehicles. Solar power is already proving successful in small motor vehicles, and we could experiment with jet and hydro fuel.

There are other forms of renewables and clean energy. Wind power in Australia is ineffective and wastes space. The use of atomic energy is wisely banned. Ocean currents and ocean waves are a potential source. We have ample ocean to experiment with. As our present anthem tells us, majestically intoning the bleeding obvious, our land is "girt by sea". It could take years to discover how to harness this plentiful power, but beneficent governments could offer grants for relevant research.

Hydro energy is a must. We do need to conserve water. We need dams for general water supplies, irrigating crops and watering stock as well as for hydro power. We even use water to farm fish and hydroponic crops.

To sum up, we need Independent sympathisers in government who will take immediate action towards transitioning from coal as our main source of power, and who will offer grants to researchers developing sources of renewable energy. Stand as an Independent to OVERTHROW THE STATUS QUO and do so.


*Since writing the above, Federal Government has announced on 21.11.19 that the use of hydrogen power would be expedited in Australia as a major source.  That is good news.



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